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The Terminal at Sky Acres Airport

On the outside, it looks like it would be a cozy home for dairy cows. It once was. However, in 1956, the vision of aviation enthusiast Doug Cochran turned this rural upstate New York farm into Sky Acres Airport. The dairy barn is now home to an aviation oasis for pilots and their passengers traveling through the Hudson Valley region. The renovated dairy barn houses businesses that cater to adventurous aviators and provides them with essential services (like good food).

HerGin Aviation, Inc.
HerGin sells 100LL Avgas fuel and maintains an office for the 24-hour self-service fuel station. They can be reached at 845-677-5010 or by email.

Restaurant coming soon
We are in the process of opening new restaurant. Please check back soon for updates.

SkyGeek Headquarters
SkyGeek has its physical home here, though they're best known as the world's leading online aviation superstore. Formerly Styles Logistics, Inc. in their brick and mortar incarnation, they moved online in 2003 and became SkyGeek. They specialize in hard-to-find aircraft parts, tools, equipment, supplies and accessories. They've built their reputation on an extensive inventory, high-quality products and low prices. At the Sky Acres airport, SkyGeek runs the FBO Pilot Shop, supplying aviators with indispensable supplies such as aircraft oil and lubricants, polish and finishes, basic mechanics' tools and gauges. You can also find unique gift for everyone who loves to fly.

Pilot Shop
This SkyGeek convenience store that's located in the old dairy barn is synched up with the virtual store so that customers who order online can pick up selected products in person. Style Logistics, Sky Acres, SkyGeek - a powerful trilogy of companies for do-it-yourself pilots everywhere.

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