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A picture's worth a thousand words! It's true, but we'll give you some words as well. Privately-owned Sky Acres Airport, founded in 1964, was a labor of love that has developed into a favorite fly-in location for aviators visiting the Dutchess County region in the Hudson Valley. It's a great spot for a little rest stop if you're flying to or from New York City, upstate New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts or another New England state. For aviation enthusiasts looking for easy-access public airports near Poughkeepsie, NY, it's a smart choice.
Built from a converted farm and barn, it features a lighted runway, parallel taxiway, 3 secondary parking ramps that accommodate jet and turbine aircraft and accompanying facilities. The airport captures the charm of upstate New York, with spectacular autumn foliage, and adds modern conveniences. This includes an easy-to-use 24/7 self-service aircraft fueling station, major airframe and engine repair on the premises, hangar leasing and sales, a well-stocked pilot shop and the Sky Acres Airport café, which serves breakfast and lunch.

Sky Acres is also home to the legendary online aviation superstore, SkyGeek! Do-it-yourself pilots will certainly know about SkyGeek's huge selection of aircraft parts, specialty tools, equipment, accessories, aviation gifts, training materials and supplies for the modern aviator. The beauty of the pilot shop at Sky Acres is that you can place your order online and then pick it selected products in person when you visit the airport. Grab essential aircraft supplies such as oil, lube, gauges, wire, polish (and one of our classic t-shirts) at the on-site shop and then stop in to the Sky Acres café for a bite to eat. Happy flying!
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